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Musically born as DJ at age 16 with my own Mobile Disco, playing for friends and in private parties.

My initial sounds were Dance, Progressive and House. At the same time, I continued my musical and clarinetist studies I started at age 9, playing in popular events and orchestras.

Two years later, I started officially as DJ rosenperales, playing in different Pubs & Bars near Valencia (Spain): Art Cafe, La Divina, La KSa, Cabaret Pop, Silver and Almas are some of them. In these clubs started with other musical styles as Pop, Hits, Latinos...

During 2006 and 2007 I was resident at Espai Club in Xeraco Beach, and at Bambu in Tavernes Beach. After that, I stopped one year to finish my studies in Engineering.

In 2009 I started a new project as resident DJ in Salamandra HFS, the biggest club group in Valencia. During next years I mixed in the most popular clubs in the city as Mya-Umbracle, Mirror, 30yTantos, Betty Pop, Doblon and Budha del Sol.

In 2012 I came to Munich and started as DJ @ La Fiesta Española and @ Do Brasil.

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